Www Anatel Gov Br Celular Legal a Quem Procurar -

Www Anatel Gov Br Celular Legal a Quem Procurar

Here you will understand how important it is to use only mobile devices that comply with Anatel`s regulations. Have you noticed that mobile phones sold in Brazil have an Anatel seal? Indeed, any mobile device used in the country must be certified or certified by the agency. Certified mobile devices undergo a series of security tests before reaching the consumer`s hands so that the product is as reliable as possible and does not cause health problems or affect telecommunications networks. In addition, Anatel works in cooperation with mobile phone providers, federal police and state public security secretariats to combat the use of stolen, stolen or lost mobile phones. Thanks to this partnership, since May 2016, consumers can request the obstruction of their stolen mobile device via the operators` call center or directly in the police stations of the states that have already joined the project. In this context, the Cellular Legal project was born, which aims to strengthen the fight against manipulated, stolen and misplaced phones and to prevent the use of devices not certified by Anatel. The main novelty of the project is the establishment of a computerized system – a partnership between suppliers, manufacturers and Anatel – which identifies irregular telephones used in the network. This means that the use of new mobile phones in Brazilian networks is only allowed if the devices are in a regular situation. The project is implemented in stages: in this sense, if you want to buy a new device, it is important to know how this operation works. Finally, all mobile devices must be certified by Anatel.

This standard is described in the General Telecommunications Act. In this case, the device is not accepted by Anatel or has been tampered with. In general, it is not possible to correct the irregularity and the consumer must contact the professional entity that made the sale. Everyone can contribute to the fight against illegal trade: Have you heard of the Celular Legal Anatel project? This is a measure developed by the regulator to determine which mobile devices are not documented. The measure was developed to ensure the safety of users. First of all, you can check the regularity of your device by checking the IMEI code of the mobile phone. Works in the same way as the chassis of a car; A unique combination of numbers present on all original phones in the world. Another point to mention is that the operation is also aimed at combating the sale of stolen, stolen or lost mobile phones. In this case, the agency cooperates with mobile phone providers, the federal police and the secretariats of public security. You may have seen that all mobile devices sold in Brazil have an Anatel seal. Indeed, all equipment in the country that focuses on telecommunications must pass approval and obtain the certificate of regularity from the agency.

To check the regulations of your mobile phone, simply follow the steps we show you here. Did you like this content? So see how you get Anatel certification and count on us throughout the process! Customer service for your mobile phone: 2. per ticket, balance notice, digital bill, online top-up, packages, promotions and more. If blocking for theft, theft or loss has not been requested by the consumer, he must contact the commercial entity that sold him the device and request the exchange and / or refund of the mobile device. It is important to note that devices now on the national list of terminals that are irregular in case of theft, theft or loss will continue to be prevented from accessing national mobile networks. For more information, see: www.anatel.gov.br/celularlegal/ once the process is complete, the device situation will be displayed on the screen. It is worth remembering that dual-chip phones each have an IMEI code. Therefore, it is important to look at both. In such cases, the guidelines referred to in point `a` shall apply. Get to know our position, control and pre-schedules to talk and navigate at will. You can check Anatel`s website to see if the device you are buying has any limitations.

To find out which IMEI is on your device, follow the instructions below: Hello! Our site is up to date at the moment and will be active again very soon. In the meantime, access the quick links of the available services. In this situation, the device has been banned in Brazil and its IMEI is on the list of restricted IMEIs managed by the GSMA. In this scenario, when the device connects to Brazilian networks, it is blocked. Service for your landline, TV, broadband and Wi-Fi: 2. Via ticket, broadband support, channel packages, scheduling technical visits, advice on Internet signals and much more. In this case, the device has no restrictions related to the legal cellular project. If the device does not work as expected, we recommend that you visit the manufacturer or the sales office responsible for selling the device. It should be noted that equipment purchased abroad may not work in Brazil, either for technical reasons or due to trade restrictions imposed by the foreign entity that made the sale. Download the My Clear Mobile app for self-service products: Claro pré, Claro controle, Claro post and Claro mobile Internet. Available for Android and iOS.

In the case of purchases made outside the business premises (via the Internet, by telephone), the consumer has a period of seven days from his signature or receipt of the product to exercise his right of withdrawal and return the product. The message “So far, the informed IMEI has no usage restrictions” is displayed. As mentioned earlier, this project was initiated by the National Telecommunications Agency, which aims to limit the marketing of altered, stolen or misplaced equipment. Its implementation is carried out throughout the national territory. c) If the notified IMEI finds another irregularity: In the case of sale of adulterated/counterfeit products, liability may also be attributed to the trader (Art. 13 CC). You can check the health status of your device through the Anatel portal. Find out what else to do in each situation: Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked with * The last message, on the eve of the blockade, will contain the following content: If the IMEI of the irregular mobile device is included in the national registry of stolen mobile devices, only the applicant of the obstacle can request unlocking.

That is, if the owner finds the device, it is possible to release it to use it again. The person responsible for the blockade (it may be the telephone company or the public security authority that carried out the blockade) must be consulted on how to proceed with the unblocking. In this case, the IMEI query returns the message “The reported IMEI is prevented by loss, theft, or theft,” which indicates who is responsible for the lock. The period that the consumer must complain to the supplier is 90 days from the date of purchase (for apparent defects) or the date of knowledge of the defect (for hidden defects). Have you seen the importance of how Anatel Legal Cell Phone works? The regulator developed the project to protect the user and prevent the sale of stolen equipment. Currently, these devices undergo numerous safety tests before reaching the hands of the consumer. In this way, the agency ensures that the marketed product is reliable and does not pose any risk to the health of the population. a) If the informed IMEI is prevented by loss, theft or theft: If the device has the Anatel seal, but the consultation detects an irregularity, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer`s service center, as indicated in the product manual or manufacturing manual, to analyze a possible alteration of the device.