Synonym for Legal Opinion -

Synonym for Legal Opinion

One could say that a moral norm is exclusively a matter of opinion. “You asked my opinion, and I said it,” Robert said without batting an eyelid. “You are invited to express your opinion,” Robert replied indifferently. But not all disagreements are a difference in principle. But I used to say then, and I still think he wants a heart: and when he does, he wants everything. But since you ask my opinion, you must tell me everything you know or suspect about their incitement. Gives their opinion on the power a character or person is allowed to have over their gender. There was less diversity of opinion on Elinor`s image. How can I form an opinion if I don`t go there myself and I don`t see how it is? The opinion of the world should be only a secondary consideration. Name.

[`əˈpɪnjən`] a message that expresses a belief in something; The expression of a belief that is held with confidence, but is not supported by knowledge or positive evidence.