Standard Bank Legal Dept Contact Number -

Standard Bank Legal Dept Contact Number

Personal banking: We all go somewhere, but we don`t all get there the same way. Therefore, whether you want to save or borrow, we have a solution designed for you and your loved one. Make your next one now, we would be happy to make the trip. Through our Preference Center, you can select the topics that interest you so that we can send you publications and information about our products and services that are particularly relevant to you. You can also choose the channels we use to contact you (email, phone, mail, etc.) and you can also opt out of receiving communications. When you download and use an App, we may track and collect App usage data, such as: the date and time the App accesses our servers on your device, the pages you use, and the information and files that have been uploaded to the App based on your device number. When you register on our website and/or sign up for a free trial of our products or services, we may ask you to provide your name, address, email address and telephone number, as well as details of your occupation or employer. The personal information we may use for advertising and marketing purposes includes your name, email address, job title, phone number, company/employer name, geographic location, postal address and information collected using cookies and other similar technologies (please read our separate Cookie Policy to learn more about the cookies we use, how they work and how you can control your cookie options). In March 2019, Standard became the first bank in Africa to move its operations to Amazon Web Services. [8] In 1995, the bank acquired the activities of Meridien BIAO Bank and renamed them Stanbic Bank Tanzania Limited. [7] In September 2012, Stanbic Bank Tanzania secured $3 billion in financing for the Mchuchuma and Liganga iron ore and coal mine project in Ludewa district of the newly created Njombe region of southwestern Tanzania. [15] 1.4 Your provision of registration information to us (if any) constitutes an offer by you to become a registered user or subscriber (if applicable) subject to these Terms and any other terms applicable to the specific registration or subscription (including, but not limited to, the terms relating to the number of Licensed Users; applicable fees and the duration of a subscription).

You will not become a registered user or subscriber (if applicable) and will not be permitted to access or receive any websites, content or services in connection with the applicable registration or subscription, unless we notify you of our acceptance of such offer by providing you with a username and password or otherwise (in accordance with the registration or subscription process). on this site). If Euromoney needs to transfer your personal data due to a merger, division, dissolution or declaration of bankruptcy, etc., we will inform you of the name and contact details of the recipient and ask them to continue processing your personal data on the basis of this privacy policy. Otherwise, Euromoney will ask the recipient to obtain your consent again before processing. I was at the bank yesterday where I made a money transfer. The officer called later to say he didn`t pass. He wanted to call me today. I`m still waiting.

Can you please give me an update? Sincerely, 12.3 Deep linking or framing is not permitted without our express prior written permission. You must obtain and obtain our express prior written consent before deep-linking to or framing the Site or Content by contacting us and providing us: This morning at 9:30 am (31.7.2021), I returned to my vehicle, which was parked right next to the Autobank Groenkloof Standard Bank, and found that I was blocked by an armored car. When I realized that the car bank was maintained, I waited for the armed guards to come back, then asked if they could turn around a bit. They rudely refused, scoffed and said they were sure I could go out, and went to the Spar. If you don`t want to go to the bank to make inquiries or complaints about a specific problem, this financial institution makes it even easier to resolve your issues. Use the following Standard Bank customer service contacts to contact us. The parent bank merged with Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China in 1969 and the combined bank became known as Standard Chartered Bank. In 1969, Standard Bank Investment Corporation (now Standard Bank Group) was established as the holding company of the South African bank. In the 1970s and 1980s, Standard Chartered gradually reduced its stake and sold its remaining 39% stake in Standard Bank Group in 1987, transferring full ownership of the holding company to South African investors and in particular to Liberty Life (and its subsidiaries), the latter being the company`s largest shareholder until 1999. [7] You can contact us or the recipient abroad to exercise personal data via the contact details set out in this Privacy Policy. Also in August 2007, Standard Bank Group acquired a 67% stake in Turkey`s Dundas Ünlü Securities and now operates in Turkey under the name Standard Ünlü. In April 2012, the bank sold its shares at 25% and the Turkish subsidiary was later renamed ÜNLÜ & Co.

In the early 1990s, the bank began operations in London and Standard Bank London Ltd obtained a banking license in 1992. [7] In 2002, Standard Bank acquired 90% of Uganda Commercial Bank, the largest commercial bank in Uganda at the time, making Standard Bank a major player in the East African country`s banking sector. They renamed Stanbic Bank (Uganda) Limited. As of December 2012, Stanbic Bank (Uganda) was still Uganda`s largest commercial bank, accounting for about 20% of all bank assets and about 18% of all bank branches in the country. [16] Stanbic Bank (Uganda) Limited shares are traded on the Uganda Securities Exchange (USE) under the symbol SBU. Standard Bank Group owns about 80% of the shares. [17] The following are various Standard Bank branches and contacts. If you have banking problems, do not hesitate to visit one of the branches listed in this article. You can also contact us via the contact details of the call center. If you wish to file a complaint or suggestion, you can contact the bank. This can be done by call, email or you can visit the bank.

The following subsidiaries are different from Standardbank: Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC is the controller of personal data collected via this website ( If you are a customer or user of another Euromoney Group website or service, the Euromoney Group company operating that website or service is the controller of the personal data collected through that website or service. Therefore, it is possible that more than one company in the Euromoney group is responsible for your personal data. You may contact any of these companies directly, or you may contact Euromoney by sending by email or in writing to the Data Protection Officer of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, 8 Bouverie Street, London EC4Y 8AX, United Kingdom or by using the contact details provided in the “About Us” section of this Privacy Policy. ETF continues to play an important role in the country`s economy. With the bank`s many great achievements and milestones, you can only expect more customers to realize their dreams with the bank`s help. The South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) for 2015 and 2016 ranked Standard Bank as the lowest among South African banks in terms of customer service. The overall evolution of this index has decreased slightly compared to previous ratings. [26] 8.4 You may terminate your subscription with at least thirty (30) days` notice by post or email at any time after the end of the Minimum Term using the customer service contact information applicable to your subscription as described at the end of these Terms.

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