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Zina Laws in Pakistan

Islam had considered the commission of illegitimate sexual intercourse a very great sin and a heinous crime. In the event that his guilt was proven, Islam had prescribed severe penalties for these criminals. Islam regarded fornication and adultery as crimes of equal gravity and made no distinction between the two in their nature as …

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Yii Custom Validation Rules

I have data according to the table below. Fields work_day and day_off were filled in with the numbers 7 and 0. Then I enter the work_day_n field with `1,2,3,4,5,6,7` (the number of days is equal to work_day value) and day_off_n with vacuum (because day_off is zero). The validation rule has been defined (below), but …

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Worcester Ma Legal Services

Often, there is a maximum salary a client can earn by working with a legal aid or pro bono lawyer. Free legal representation for low-income individuals Provides legal advice and representation to clients who are victims of domestic violence, divorce, custody, mental health and disability issues, denial of benefits, social assistance and public benefits, …

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Wisdom Legal Jobs

About the organization: Wisdom legal is a law firm based in Mumbai. They deal with civil and corporate matters. The court where they practice is the NCLT, the Bombay High Court and other MM courts. In thinking about how best to advise you, I thought I would share some wise words from some members …

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Why Is Education an Important Requirement for National Development

Therefore, education helps individuals to develop and promote the above qualities required for the resurgence and development of a nation. Education should be extended to all population groups. Education transforms people socially, culturally and economically to establish a socialist, democratic and secular social order. The agenda therefore reflects cultural and scientific values in the …

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