Barzinho Legal No Rio De Janeiro

Barzinho Legal No Rio De Janeiro

Hello! Very good suggestions! visited the Urca bar and enjoyed it very much! Thank you very much, even! There is a site I used when I was there, Guiamais, cool for those who also want to get to know new places, just look for restaurants and it suggests separating some of them even by such reviews. The link is: It`s like a plus to help the crowd. Cuddles! and congratulations on the blog! In January 2019, the underground stage was expanded and downgraded to host concerts and parties. On the menu follow the pizzas of the fine dough as flagship, fall of the mother (R$ 40,00, 30 centimeters), with peperon, catupiry, bacon and mushroom of Paris. The gin vitã³ria drink Rã©gia in cardamom infusion, with grapefruit juice, ginger syrup, tonic and rosemary (R$ 28.00 ©), is the preferred audience. At the tap, there is always Heineken draught beer (R$ 9.00) and Orange Sunshine (R $ 11.00), lager beer from Hocus Pocus. Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 22, loja A, Copacabana, â 2051-1910 (70 seats). 18h/1h30 (Mon., Ter. and Wed. until© 0h; closes on Mondays). Opened in 2017. This is iFood.

After enjoying the beach, there`s nothing better than ending the day in a bar, to the sound of good music, snacks and refreshing drinks, isn`t it? Even more so in the state capital, where bars are part of the Carioca culture and are a must for those visiting the city. So if you`re traveling there, you must see our selection of the best bars in Rio de Janeiro. If you prefer this trendy bar with differentiated service, you know these options! If you are looking for craft beers, you will find a huge selection of domestic and imported brands at the Botto Bar. Live music is a differential of the house. Housed in a 19th century mansion, Bar da Lapa is one of the best bars in Rio de Janeiro. The atmosphere is cozy, decorated with furniture, objects and photos of great artists of samba and bohemian Rio. And there, as it could not be otherwise, you will find sambarad, snacks and lots of drinks. (Avenida Mem de Sá, 69 – Lapa) Bar do Horto Address: Rua Pacheco Leão, 780 – Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro – RJ Phone:(21) 3114-8439 The psychedelia that usually inspires the albums of the Carioca brewery is present in the gastrobar of the brand, whether in the projections or in the soundtrack of progressive rock. His own creations, served in 300 milliliter cups, deliver eight of the fourteen taps. The powerful Magic Trap ($13.50), a strong Belgian golden beer, and Orange Sunshine ($13.00), an American orange lager, are on the list. To accompany this, cheddar has DNA (R$27.00), a mixture of meat, melted cheddar and caramelized onions in black bread, accompanied by fries. Rua Dezenove de Fevereiro, 186, Botafogo, 4107-3107 (35 seats).

11h45/15h30 and 18h/0h (Thu and Fri until 2h; sã¡b. 18h/2h ©; closed dom.). Opened in 2016. This is iFood. I`d love to have a suggestion for restaurants that specialize in para-food The pub has honest prices and controversial tables and sidewalks. At lunchtime, the highlight is the incomparable shrimp risotto, as well as classic recipes from carioca cuisine. You`ll find that amount of slippers, stripped-down blouses, shorts, as well as the caricature of what the rest of Brazil imagines of the Carioca – in addition to cheap beer. The view is on the beach of Copacabana. This bar is located at the helm, on the hill of Chapéu Mangueira. It`s not that high and can come from Uber. Located on the beachfront in Ipanema, Bar São Paulo features a shared balcony. The air-conditioned salt is© decorated with mirrors, tiled floors and a large wooden countertop.

From here come Brahma draught beer (R$9.30) and coquetã such as pem Collins, gin tanqueray, min syrup, lemon taiti, grapefruit and tonic (R$32.00) reãºne gin tanqueray, minute syrup, lemon taiti, grapefruit and tonic (R$ 32.00). © In the band gostos wing is the breaded system – the breaded (R$ 45.00) successful, with toast, © bread and melted cheese. The snack mix (R$35.00, eight pieces) comes with cod and rice dumplings, meat croquette and pastel. Avenida Vieira Souto, 110, Ipanema, 2523-0085 (200 places). 18h/0h (Thu. at© 1h; Fr. 13h/2h; sã b. 12h/2h; Mon. 12h/22h). Opened in 2010. This is iFood. Voted the best gastrobar in the city at the last edition of VEJA COMER & BEBER, the venue © is run by chef Bruno Katz and bartender Anderson Santos.

From the last hands come creations such as amitis (R$ 29.00), a mixture of white rum, strawberry, beetroot, spices, jam and orange liqueur, bitter, ginger beer and bouquet garni. Clãssico reinterpreted from the menu, the octopus© is conité at low temperature and accompanied by creamy black rice with demi glace, tomato sofrito, kim chi tempur and spicy pã¡prica oli (R$ 79.00). Rua Maria Quitã©ria, 91, Ipanema, â 99619-0099 (74 seats). 7pm/1am (Fri and B.S. until© 2am; closes the gift and monday). Opened in 2017. This is iFood. In addition to the EXCELLENT indications, the cost-benefit ratio of the mentioned websites is amazing! Based on the outskirts of Sã£o Conrado, the brand has offices in Praia da Barra and since the end of 2018 in Leme. It comes from Italy, country of origin of the Socios, the accent of Cardã¡pio, which lists preparations such as octopus carpaccio (R $ 45.00) and spaghetti nerane, butter, with fried zucchini, production and Parmessã£o (R $ 44.00).

In addition, there is gin only with Bombay Sapphire (R$ 32.00) and Klerikotglas (R$ 77.00, 1 liter). Avenida Prefeito Mendes de Morais, booths QS 4 A and B, São Conrado, â 99437-5275 (70 seats). 12h/1h (closes on Mondays); Atlantic Avenue, QL 9 and 10, Ruder, 99322-1551 (160 seats). 17h/1h (Fri in Dom. from 12h; closes on Mondays). Another Eson. Opened in 2012. This is iFood. Bar do Mineiro Address: Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno, 99 – Santa Teresa – Rio de Janeiro – RJ From Tuesday to Thursday 11am – 11am / Friday and Saturday 11am – 2am / Sunday 11am – 00am Pabu Izakaya (champion of 2019 as the best Izakaya) Carioca Cultural Heritage, bar da Urca has been in operation since 1939 and is now considered one of the attractions of the Rio de Janeiro district, which gives its name. The snacks are delicious and have a strong influence of Portuguese cuisine due to the origin of their owners. Located on the shores of Guanabara Bay, overlooking Christ the Redeemer, it is also a great place to enjoy the sunset.

(Rua Cândido Gaffrée, 205 – Urca) With the creation of an online store founded in 2015, the address invests in national wines from small and©medium-sized producers. 236 rã³tulos are available in the cellar, such as Almaãºnica Merlot 2013 (R$ 121.00) and Viapiana Brut foam 192 days (R$ 69.00). In the price there are proposals between R$ 20.00 and R$ 28.00, with a 20% discount between 5pm and 8pm. In addition, baked Camembert (R$ 38.00), which comes with toast, and Gorgonzola risotto with filet© mignon in strips (R$ 43.00) appear on the menu. Rua Dezenove de Fevereiro, 151, Botafogo, 2146-5334 (66 seats). 5pm/1am (Fri and B.S. until 1am©; closes the gift. and Monday). Opened in 2017.

This is iFood. Famous for its food, it serves a lively weekend brunch (R$36.00). The choice, available© until 4pm, is composed of mushrooms, fried eggs, bacon, lingui… a and roasted tomatoes, accompanied by homemade beans and sourdough. At night, hammúrgueres, pores and bowls enter the scene. From this last section, the preparation with moqueca cream (Tilã¡pia or plantains) still takes coconut rice and straw potatoes (R$ 30.00). Drinks such as flower iced tea (R$30.00), Tanqueray Sevilla gin blend, chamomile, green wall syrup and elderflower come from the bar. There is a time, after 20:00, there is live jazz. Thursday on the© day of the party or guest DJ.

Rua Fernandes Guimará, 66, Botafogo, 3592-0470 (32 seats). 10h/1h (closing gift and Mon.). Opened in 2016. This is iFood. It becomes unacceptable, I, a Carioca, I still know these bars, especially those that have a beautiful view. Do you want to be my Cicerone?! Rsr. Best wishes!??? Under the command of beer sommelis Marcela Freitas and Monick Aquino, the village shows eight taps and about twelve bottled plastics from the mining company Verace Cervejaria. Are often used in developments such as Pilsen (R$ 8.00, 310 milliliters; R$ 14.00, 500 ml) and Disturbed (R$ 18.00 and R$ 28.00 respectively), a double IPA with an alcohol content of 8%. To line the stomach, the lean section of comes refers to the community of breaded Jilã³ chips (R$13.00), served with a homemade grill, and smoked snail or chicken (R$32.00). Rua Dezenove de Fevereiro, 188, Botafogo, 99499-0971 (50 seats). 18h/0h (sã¡b. from 17h; dom.

16h/22h; closes on Mondays). Opened in 2019. Under the command of three Frenchmen, the point is still occupied, especially in the countryside when serving fresh oysters from Santa Catarina (R$ 20.00, six units).