Are Gel Blasters Legal in Victoria 2019

Are Gel Blasters Legal in Victoria 2019

Yellow trucks are currently legal in Queensland and South Australia, but banned in New South Wales and Victoria. There are no regulations for toys in Western Australia. Gel blaster toys in this state have been classified as air guns, which is defined as a “Category A” firearm. In addition, frost balls were classified as ammunition. You`ll need a gun license to legally own a gel blaster toy – and to do that, you need to have a real reason for wanting a gun (like being a member of a sports club). They are able to legally own and use a yellow truck in Tasmania to ensure it is not mistaken for a real firearm or used to cause damage. Like QLD, owners are encouraged to use common sense and stick to private property. There was currently no official classification of gel blaster toys in Tasmania. To view the official Australian Border Force document and more details on the legality of yellow trucks in Austrlia, please click here. Thus, by analyzing this terminology, we can conclude that it is “borderline”, which is what the exact legal status really is, especially since it is “currently under revision”. However, we always recommend with extreme caution in WA, and when in doubt, we recommend checking with your local police for absolute clarification on what is allowed.

And that`s where legality gets a little tricky because different Australian states have different approaches to this concept, especially since it`s pretty subjective when you study the exact wording they used. No. Yellow trucks were not included in the exemption for counterfeit firearms. Yellow trucks have not been approved for any activity or legal purpose under exemptions from the Department of Justice and Community Safety. A special condition now applies to the exemption for counterfeit firearms, which excludes yellow trucks that look like usable firearms. This means that a person invoking the exemption is violating the order and committing a crime if they are in possession of a yellow truck. Electric yellow trucks are fine in Victoria as long as they can`t be “mistaken by a reasonable person as a working gun.” So if it looks like sci-fi or is in the shell of a nerve blaster, then everything is fine. (law similar to that of Tasmania. These are appearance-based laws in Vic for electric yellow trucks) Are yellow trucks legal in VIC? Considering how realistic some may seem, the issue is controversial. For more information on the classifications and requirements of a counterfeit firearm, please click here. It is legal for new owners to own the toy to ensure that the correct permit has been obtained and the yellow truck has been registered.

For current owners, are yellow trucks legal to own and use in South Africa? No, not without the right licenses and permits. There is a 6-month amnesty period that ends in April 2021. Meanwhile, all current owners of yellow trucks must apply for a firearms license and register their blasters or hand over their toys to the police. For more information on the current state of yellow trucks in South Africa, please click here. With the exception of Queensland and South Australia, it is illegal to possess or use an air pistol, BB pistol or blaster gel weapon in any other state or territory of Australia unless you have a valid firearms licence or licence. In New South Wales, these types of weapons are defined as “firearms” under section 4 of the Firearms Act 1996 (NSW) (“Firearms Act”). Airsoft pistols, BB pistols and gel blasters are spring-operated and/or use compressed air to feed a projectile without the means of an explosive. An “air gun” is defined as a pistol when it can carry a projectile by means of a spring or a mixture of gases or gases, including air, but not a gas or mixture of gases produced by an explosive, provided that it is operated with a trigger or similar device or designed to function. Under the Firearms Acts of New South Wales, you cannot own or use a firearm unless you hold a firearms licence or licence. This carries a prison sentence of up to 14 years if the firearm is a prohibited pistol or firearm, and up to 5 years if the firearm is another firearm. These penalties are prescribed in sections 7 and 7A of the Firearms Act 1996 (NSW). The same penalties apply if you violate a condition of a firearms licence or if you use or possess a firearm for purposes other than those you originally set out to obtain the licence in the first place.

Once you have a firearms licence or licence, you must also register and obtain a licence to purchase the airsoft pistol, BB pistol or gel blaster firearm. Similar to the operation with Nerf weapons, gel ball blasters are toy guns that shoot gel balls or “Orbeez” as some may know. As you may know, gun ownership in Australia is highly regulated, with airsoft being completely banned. For shooting enthusiasts, the best choice is really to own a gel blaster, but there are still a few legal issues you need to know before buying one. Because Australia is such a vast country, laws vary from state to state, so it makes sense to learn what the rules are in each region. This way, you can still have fun shooting while staying on the right side of the law. No. Your firearms licence should be approved for the purposes of owning, selling and using a yellow truck that looks like a working firearm. The LRD does not grant approval for the use of yellow trucks because there is no real reason to own a yellow truck or similar equipment in Victoria. For this reason, individuals or wholesalers may only possess, buy and sell counterfeit firearms if they are specific to the reason approved by the LRD. You would also have received a letter informing you of a special condition other than yellow trucks, which now applies to your licence.

This condition means that if you are in possession of a yellow truck, you are committing a crime under the Gun Control Act 1990. Recently, other obvious legislative changes have been made in Victoria regarding the possession, purchase and sale of yellow trucks. As a result, we can no longer ship yellow trucks to anyone in Victoria with a licence, it seems that even the previously required replica firearms collection licence and membership in the Militaria Collector`s Guide are no longer enough. You need the right permits and licenses to own and buy a gel blaster toy in New South Wales.